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A Premium Selection of Granite Countertops Houston Offers

If you’re looking for great granite countertops Houston has to offer, you can find them at Traditional Designs Ltd. Our custom granite countertops are the premium choice for stone counters. Granite has an unsurpassed elegance and longevity, plus an undeniable cachet. This dense stone can resist heat, stains, and scratches. While it does need to be sealed periodically, we only use the industry leading, Miracle Sealant, which has a twenty-year stain resistant warranty. This means you will have two decades of worry-free use in between sealings.

The Benefits of Our Custom Granite Countertops

In addition to their wide appeal, our custom-fabricated custom granite countertops have many other benefits for homeowners:

  • Large slabs allow minimal number of seams
  • Excellent color matching between slabs
  • Over 170+ Different Colors
  • Polished or honed finishes
  • Precision Smooth, Level, Polished Surface
  • Versatility: Kitchen, Bathroom, and Outdoor Applications

Why Choose Custom Granite Countertops

Unlike other countertops, granite has real benefits to its installation. Of course, granite has been popular over the last decade. Its popularity comes from the timeless beauty and also the natural color and pattern it holds. The look is original, produced naturally, giving your home an original and unique look. Most people like the idea of a custom and original piece.

From durability to more stain resistant than others, granite holds itself up to be a great choice for any home. Keep your bathroom and kitchen looking stunning while also facing confidence in knowing your countertops are strong enough to face even the toughest hits and stains.

Stunning Looks & Timeless Durability

When you want stunning looks and timeless durability in for your home, you want granite. For over thirty years our Houston granite countertops have helped homeowners transform their old counters into bathroom granite countertops and kitchen granite countertops that they are proud of. Our customers regularly tell us how much they love spending time in their kitchen, simply because of a simple switch.

Hire a Professional Installer

Before you run off and decide to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional granite countertop installer. Our custom granite countertops come with guaranteed nearly perfect installation and also insured. Don’t let the possibility of something going wrong happen. Instead, hire a professional to make sure your countertops are taken care of and installed correctly.

Visit Our Granite Countertop Showroom in Houston Today

Traditional Designs Ltd is a leader in custom granite countertops in Houston. We are a proud member of the Great Houston Builders Association and have been in business for over thirty years. Our workshop and showroom feature an extraordinary number of slabs, enabling you to choose the one that’s right for you and your home. come by and see our variety options to choose from to create the look you’re looking for.

For the best in custom fabrication, in-home installation, and customer service, contact us today. Plus, don’t forget that we offer a free sink with the purchase of a new granite kitchen countertops. Call us today at or contact us online.

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