Frequently Asked Countertop Questions

Since we’ve been in the business of fabricating and installing granite for so long, we’ve addressed countertop questions of numerous clients. Many of them have the same interests and concerns about their product and the services we provide. Below we share some of these with you to help you better understand the what to expect when you move up to granite.

This granite is pre fabricated with a set edge and size. They are pieced together on the job site and will have a seam every few feet. You will often find colors and edges do not match up perfectly because these pieces may have been taken from different quarries. And if you have a raised bar top, an island or any radiuses it will be nearly impossible to get these pieces to fit into your kitchen. These are usually the $19.99 granite ads you will see out there. Traditional Designs offers a custom fabrication match for your countertop needs.

If you pick a 1 1/2″ edge profile, you will need plywood decking between your cabinets and the countertop to raise it up so that your drawers and dishwasher will open without hitting the granite. We use 5/8″ solid (not stripped) paint-grade birch plywood for our decking.

The difference between 2CM and 3CM is 1 centimeter of thickness. Houston is a 2CM market; it is not typical to see a 3CM countertop here. We can get 3CM materials, but it costs more and will take longer to order the material.

We have five different groups of edging available, with over 16 edges to choose from. In selecting, first you have to decide if you want to go with an edge that is 3/4″ thick or a laminated edge that is 1 1/2″. A 3/4″ edge is the thickness of 2CM granite, which is then modified on the exposed portions of your countertop to give it a different profile. If you opt for a 1 1/2″ edge, they will put a laminated piece on the 3/4″ edge profile in order to make it appear thicker.

The square footage needed for your kitchen will determine if and how many seams you will have. All of our granite is custom designed especially for your project. At the time the template is done you can go over all seam placements with one of our experts.