Granite Countertop Edges: Choosing the Right One

Granite Countertop Ogee Edge

Granite Countertop Edges

There are many factors to consider before deciding what new granite kitchen countertop to purchasing and these include choosing granite countertop edges, as well as the color you desire.

Once you sit with our kitchen designers, we start by taking the measurements of your kitchen or working with the measurements you provide. Performing a complete kitchen remodel provides you with additional flexibility, and you can virtually choose exactly what you desire for your kitchen space. Deciding on the color of your granite countertop comes after finalizing the layout, and is among the most entertaining decisions you make pertaining to your kitchen remodel.

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After you settle on a color, you will then choose the finishing touches for your countertop, which includes the profile of your kitchen countertop edges. The edge profile is the shape at the end of your countertop slab, which you come into contact with each day.

There is a wide range of different profiles for kitchen countertop edges from which to choose, which means that it’s important to consider a number of factors when choosing granite countertop edges. It is, therefore, imperative that you have knowledge on the different edge profiles available such as basic granite edge profiles, unique granite edge profiles, and premium granite edge profiles.

Perusing through the granite countertop edges pictures available on the internet and reading the different granite countertop edges reviews, especially those by users, is also quite beneficial.

Basic Granite Edges

There are four commonly used basic profiles of granite tile countertop edges, these are; the bevel edge, the ½ bevel edge, the ¼ bevel edge, and the straight edge.

These basic edge profiles are almost always included in granite countertops by fabricators without the buyer incurring any additional cost, and are usually free with custom granite options. The most basic granite edge profile is the straight edge, which usually comprises of a hard chiseled edge.

Granite Countertop Edges

Although the straight edge profile, also referred to as the pencil edge, is the most basic edge you can opt for, incorporating this particular edge profile in the right granite countertop slab often results in a phenomenal finish. Beveled edge profiles tend to be more popularly used in traditionally finished kitchens and add a pleasing touch of geometric flair to granite kitchen countertops. This edge profile is not overly ornate, but it does add visual interest.

The 1/4 and 1/2 bevel edges offer excellent variations to the original bevel edge and ideally highlight a kitchen countertop’s thickness, allowing you to incorporate a rather decorative edge and still show the stone’s depth.

Granite countertop slabs usually comprise a standard thickness; 3cm. Granite slabs of a lesser thickness pose a higher risk of breaking and thicker slabs are quite costly.

Being sleek, yet not too chiseled, the bevel edge profile is less dramatic and offers a more subtle finish for your granite tile countertop edges.

Another popular choice is the eased granite edge profile, which consists of a slight curve that effectively tames the sharp edges and adds movement. When applied to the right granite slab, the eased edge profile perfectly highlight the sheer beauty of granite in a simple manner and can be ideally used for both contemporary and classic kitchen countertops.

The 1/4 radius edge profile, a variation of the eased edge, arches only at the top instead of providing a secondary curve on the bottom side, and offers the same simplicity and benefits as the eased edge. Such characteristics make the 1/4 radius edge a perfect blend of the straight edge and eased edge profiles.

Compared to the ¼ radius and the eased edge profiles, the half bullnose edge profile adds a greater curve to your kitchen space. Among the basic granite edge profiles, the half bullnose edge profile shows off more of the sturdiness and thickness of your granite slab.

The 1/4 round top and bottom look exactly as it sounds. It incorporates a slight curve on both the top and bottom sides of the edge to create a slightly round and pitched edge, a favorite for many homeowners.

Premium Granite Edges

Among premium granite edge profiles, the ogee edge profile is arguably the most popular, especially since it is decorative, elegant, and makes a bold statement.

This edge profile complements traditional kitchen finishes while adding flair to rustic decors and may well be applied to contemporary kitchen spaces, although this is rarely done. Modern kitchen themes tend to favor straight and sharp edges.

Unique Granite Edges

The ogee edge profile adds excitement and drama to your kitchen space, and even though it is a premium granite edge profile, it is usually included at no additional cost for prefabricated granite, which makes its value even higher for homeowners.

The full, round edge profile, also referred to as the bullnose, is a profile that is completely rounded, a look that ideally complements transitional, rustic, traditional, and farmhouse style kitchens. We offer the full round edge profile in our prefabricated granite slabs, which means that you get a high quality design at a low price.

The deep ogee edge is a rare and high-quality design variation of the ogee edge, inclusive of a deep swooping edge that oozes elegance.

The inverted bevel edge is a premium granite edge profile that looks quite similar to the knife edge, a rarely used edge profile. In the inverted bevel edge, the steep pitch goes upward instead of downward, offering uniqueness to your granite countertop.

Unique Granite Edges

Natural and rough granite edge profiles offer a special appearance that works well with all types of kitchen designs and effectively highlights the aesthetic value of granite, as evidenced by granite countertop edges pictures. The rope edge is a rare profile that requires real skill to fabricate and works well in unique homes. Although the perfect fit for this edge profile is a nautical feel, it can also work in rustic and traditional homes. The triple waterfall edge profile is more common compared to the rope edge, and offers an elegant finish, especially when used in high-end kitchens.

You will find that natural and rough granite edge profiles are the most preferred and popular granite countertop edge profiles after looking at granite countertop edges reviews available online.  To ensure high-quality fabrication and effective installation of your granite countertop, we recommend that you engage the services of professional and experienced home improvement service providers.

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