Find the Right Look for Your Houston Countertops

Find the Right Look for Your Houston Countertops

Create the Right Image for Your Home

When you’re looking to add functionality and value to your home, you want your Houston countertops to look great. Your imagination is important, and so is getting the right look. How can you make sure you have the look you want? Before you make your choice, it’s important to find the right look for you home. So, you’re probably wondering how you can do that. Let us help.


One of the great things about granite is that it looks stunning and has a timeless durability for your home. Granite countertops have a natural surface and a shine to its look. Granite’s one-of-a-kind look even adds value to your home. Plus, it is also sanitary and easy to clean with warm water and soap. That’s one less thing to worry about, especially in places that need to be clean. Granite kitchen countertops are great, especially when taking on heat and pressure. Cooking and setting a hot pan on it isn’t as problematic as quartz, which can crack under heat.


Unlike granite, quartz countertops appearances are more consistent because they are man-made.  What makes quartz so popular is that you can get the exact look you want, whether it’s color or grain pattern. Also, in case you’re looking for the trending choice, quartz is definitely the way to go. When it comes to structure, the two are about the same, but by the numbers, quartz is a hard stone that’s actually a little stronger than granite. But if what you’re looking for is better stain resistance, it’s a little harder to stain the stone. Plus, it’s also easy to clean and reduces the opportunity for bacteria to grow. That’s great for places like the kitchen and bathroom.

Virtual Kitchen

Before you decide what you want, it’s important to see if it might be the right look for your home. Our virtual kitchen allows you to design with your imagination. It’s also a great way for you to preview colors and materials before hand. The good thing about our virtual kitchen is it allows you to customize the kitchen as well. It’s a way for you to make the kitchen look as closely as your own kitchen. That way you can play around with your options and decide which of our Houston countertops are right for your home.


Our Houston showroom allows you to physically see the options we provide. Our showroom allows you to find a slab you like and choose it for your home. We also display our edging styles, which lets you easily visualize the edges available for your countertops. This is a great way to see in person what you’d like to have in your home.

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Find the Right Look for Your Houston Countertops | Traditional Designs Ltd., Houston TX

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