Finding the Right Kitchen Counters in Houston

Start Your Project the Right Way

If you’re looking for the right kitchen counters in Houston for your home or condo, there are more than a few to choose from. Before going into a store or showroom, however, we recommend you have a game plan.
Are you doing a full design or renovation? Or are you trying to match a preexisting look? Are you looking at design or are you just looking for pure functionality?
First of all, it’s the 21st century. So when most people talk about new kitchen counters in Houston, nine times out of ten, they mean quartz or granite. That’s our specialty. So we have you covered.
How can you prepare yourself? We can help.

Know the Stones

Granite and quartz are very different from one another. From color to creation, these two can make a difference in your home. Quartz is a manufactured stone, whereas granite is a natural stone. That makes a world of a difference when choosing between style and color. Granite also has more of a natural pattern, making it an original piece compared to quartz. Also, durability between these two is different as well. Depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s style or durability, can have a large impact on your choices.


As mentioned before, color is important when choosing kitchen countertops for your Houston home. If you have your kitchen painted mainly dark colors where you have a lot dark brown, red, and even black, don’t go a whitish countertop.  Don’t choose a different color from your theme unless you know for certain it will go with the rest of your kitchen. Choosing your countertop edges comes afterward.


Edges are a great way to add a little more customization to your kitchen. Know the thickness of your stone and whether or not an edge style will work with your piece. Different granite edges can add just the right look if you find the design you’re in love with. Add just another touch to your kitchen theme.

See it Before Hand

A great way to know what you’re getting is to see it yourself. You can visualize it either with a virtual kitchen or in person, as knowing what the stone looks like before hand will help significantly. Also, if you see it in person, you get the “real feel” of the counter. Seeing your stone in person also helps you decide whether or not you’re getting that connection with it. Our customers hand-pick their slab from our extensive on-site inventory of granite and quartz slabs.

Find the Right Kitchen Counters in Houston for Your Home

We know that finding the right counter is difficult. If you’re not sure where to begin your search for the right kitchen countertops in Houston, start with Traditional Designs Ltd. Call us today at 

or contact us online to discuss your kitchen project. Want to take a look at a few of our slabs? Stop by our showroom and see your options!

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Finding the Right Kitchen Counters in Houston | Traditional Designs Ltd., Houston TX

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